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Strategy Hour 1 on 1

$ 159.00 USD

If you've been creating for over 2 years, have more than 20k followers, or are highly skilled you could be making six figures as a creator. If you aren't, ask yourself why? Monetizing your influence can be a tricky thing to navigate but with this one on one session, you'll leave more empowered than ever to make more money as a creator than you do now. Cynthia Ruff has been creating for over 8 years and never let her 25k instagram followers keep her from making 6 figures annually from creating.

In this hour, we will walk through your social channels, skill, and experience to build a strategy for growth (finding similar channels to partner with), and building monetization funnels to get you set on a path of short and long term monetization.

This strategy hour is great for any creator who has started making money and wants to monetize more, who are established but feeling like they're stuck in a rut, and part time creators who want to go full-time.

When you book this session you will receive an email with a download to book a time that works for you. All strategy calls are offered Monday through Friday 8am-7pm EDT.

In this one hour session, you will get:

  • Develop a value proposition for why you should be paid as a creator
  • actionable insights on how to grow you influencer channel (not just posting 100 videos a day)
  • strategies to increase your affiliate revenue
  • strategies to increase passive revenue
  • strategies to pitch and land brand deals on your terms

We couldn't have said it better ourselves...

"Your calculator just helped me renegotiate my 6 month contract with a brand from $250 to $1000 per month! I never would have thought they'd agree to that rate before, THANK YOU!" 

Brand Nat


"The Pitch Strategy Guide is super valuable! As someone who thought I knew about pitching and working with brands, this was very insightful and definitely will result in me changing my approach."

Diana E.


"I love that you are doing this and using real data... Anything that helps Creators get paid what they are worth is a plus in my book, thanks for doing it!"

Jim Louderback

Author of "Inside the Creator Economy"

“I used your calculator and actually feel pretty good about my rates, unlike other apps I've seen/tried.”

Ashley W.


"I used this to price all my deals in 2022 and I'm blown away. I earned $43k as a PART TIME Micro Creator! This tool is a game changer!" 

Cynthia Ruff


"I love it !!! This is just what I needed to help me price my sponsored work!"

Belinda M.


"I just signed up and am loving it! The calculator has confirmed that I did, in fact, shoot myself in the foot with this  brand deal I’m doing at the moment."

Christine C.


"Okay, this was fast, but I already love it. Was playing around with the calculator and think it prices fairly and is useful!"

Lauryn Hock



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