About us

Creator Founded

Cynthia Ruff has been creating for over 8 years. After leaving her career pricing CEOs salaries, she worked full-time as a micro lifestyle influencer with some of the nation's top brands (👋 Home Depot, Whole Foods, Toyota, Tillamook) and has been featured in some of the Nation's biggest media outlets (Garden & Gun, Washington Post, Taste of the South, etc) all without an agent. After graduating from Georgia Tech's MBA and finishing a Tech Accelerator in 2021, she self-funded Hashtag Pay Me because the way creators have priced their work sucks. She's here to change that.


Our Promise

At #PayMe, we're here to serve creators. We never want you to question your worth as long as you create. That's why we've built the following for you:



Our industry leading sponsored post calculator allows you to price for the job that's hiring you.



Whether you need tips on affiliate, sponsored campaigns, tipping and more, we've got your back with tons of case studies to help it make sense.



Talking pay is more fun with friends, especially when those friends have been there done that before.


Creator first

We're creator funded so that you can be certain we're building a tool to maximize your pay for sponsored work. For every feature we build out into #PayMe, we ask "how will this help creators get financial clarity?" We actively look for feedback from creators to make sure our tools benefit you.


#Pay Me

We're a group of professional influencers who are tired of the snake oil salesmen and the biased information out there on how to price your influence.

We believe creator pay should be reflective of the work you do, not just the reach you have & our unbiased data set says, reach doesn't really matter when it comes to influencer pay anyway.