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Ultimate Sponsored Post Calculator Launching in...

2022-09-13 12:00

We help every creator find the
perfect price for sponsored posts.


We couldn't have said it better ourselves...


"The Pitch Strategy Guide is super valuable! As someone who thought I knew about pitching and working with brands, this was very insightful and definitely will result in me changing my approach."

Diana E.


"I love it !!! This is just what I needed to help me price my sponsored work!"

Belinda M.


"I just signed up and am loving it! The calculator has confirmed that I did, in fact, shoot myself in the foot with this  brand deal I’m doing at the moment."

Christine C.


"I love that you are doing this and using real data... Anything that helps Creators get paid what they are worth is a plus in my book, thanks for doing it!"

Jim Louderback

Author of "Inside the Creator Economy"

“I used your calculator and actually feel pretty good about my rates, unlike other apps I've seen/tried.”

Ashley W.

Creator, Fit Mitten Kitchen

"Okay, this was fast, but I already love it. Was playing around with the calculator and think it prices fairly and is useful!"

Lauryn Hock


Pay The Creators
Pay The Creators
Pay The Creators
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