Frequently Asked Questions

"What does that even mean anyway"

Who started #PayMe?

Hashtag Pay Me is founded and funded by entrepreneurs who have a backgrounds in executive compensation planning, finance, brand management, and of course, as social media creators. Together, they've earned more than $500k in brand deals.

Who can use Hashtag Pay Me?

Any US based TikTok or Instagram influencer who wants to answer “how much can I charge for this sponsored post”. We are working on getting more influencer platforms added. If you are a YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn and Newsletter creator, fill out this form here.

I’m not based in the US, can I use this?

Yes BUT we can’t guarantee that the rates are representative of your region or that the brand contact is valid for your location. We are working on getting more regions analyzed, if you’re outside of the US, please fill this form out here.

Do you offer discounts?

We sure do! We offer 1 week free if you submit data to our platform. Click here to fill out our form and we'll send you your discount.

This base rate is lower than my normal rate, what gives?

The base rate calculator shows only what your minimum impact as a creator is valued at based off of reach, niche, and skill by platform. It does not take into consideration specifics of a campaign. If you're afraid that the calculator doesn't take into consideration your rates as a creator, then we'd love for you to submit to our dataset here! Every contribution helps (and we've seen) increases the calculation too.

I’m an agent managing influencers, can I use your platform?

Yes! We are building out a portion of the site for you to price your creators brand deals. Please head here to get started.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yep, cancel anytime. We just can’t give refunds at this time due to the personalized nature of pricing and the contact list that our platform provides.

I don’t agree with the rate I got, what gives?

Our platform is a living tool and that’s where you come in. If you find that our rates don’t reflect what you charge as a creator, please fill out this form here. The more data we have, the better we get at recommending rates. If you're really unhappy, email us at hey@hashtagpayme.com so we can make it right.

I bought the wrong package, help!

Uh oh! Please reach out to us as soon as you realized you bought the wrong package. Our email is hey@hashtagpayme.comand we can help you fix this.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the unlimited access to our subscription packages, we cannot offer refunds at this time.

I want to change my subscription, how do I do that?

When you login, you can manage your account from your profile by clicking on your name, select profile, and a pop up modal will allow you to manage your subscription at any time.

Do you offer discounts?

We do! When you submit data to our dataset we provide you with a week free.

What is a strike? How many strikes do I get?

Every user on our platform gets three strikes. Strikes are given if you knowingly submit fake data to our dataset in an attempt to defraud the platform. Meaning you knowingly submit emails like fake@test.com or equivalent. Strikes are also given if you enter in fake brands or rates for our paid data request. We review every piece of data and email you submit to our website. If you abuse all three strikes you’ll be kicked off the platform for good. Read about our strike policy here.  

If you submitted data with an error on accident, we’ll review your submission and contact you to fix it. If you don’t respond to our validation email, we’ll remove your submission and no credit will be given.

How long after I submit data will I get my discount?

As each piece of data is reviewed by a member of the HashtagPay Me team, data review can take up to 48 hours to validate. We do our best to validate this as quickly as possible.

Whoa, my rates increased in the last 3 months, what happened?

That’s the magic of our calculator! Since it’s a living tool, your rate is likely to change all year round because *marketing budgets fluctuate* according to promotional periods.

Do you have ambassadors or affiliate programs?

YES! We give you 40% of whatever package your creator friends purchase. Sign up here to get started.

How does your calculator work?

We take real creator pay data across 1000’s of user-submitted sponsored campaigns, find the similarities in pay for a variety of asks, and influencer metrics, then we dump that data into our calculator for you to use to price your work. Read more about how it works here.

I haven’t had a brand deal yet, can this platform help me get one?

When you use our platform coupled with our Pitch Template & Strategy guide, you’ll be equipped with the tools and resources to be your own agent. We believe these are the best resources for you to get you brand deals on your own terms.

We do not facilitate deals through our platform. We have a list of marketplaces here for you to reference for getting a brand deal.

Still have questions?

Our email is always open. We love questions. We're an open book.