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Get familiar with reading and understanding contracts as a content creator.

8 Min Read

Unlocking Contract Confidence: How to Read a Contract like a Pro

Learn the essentials of how to read a contract and navigate key clauses like termination and governing law. Use these tips to negotiate more effectively and understand the nuances of a contract. Plus we're giving you insight into a helpful tool to get it done IN SECONDS.
8 Min read

Negotiation Tips to help you Master Creator Brand Deal Negotiations

Negotiation is the hardest skill you'll have to master as a creator. Luckily we've pulled in a master negotiator to share 8 tips for successful negotiation in your next brand deal. Eric Farber of Creators Legal shares how to master this skill.
6 Min Read

Everything You Need to Know about Payment Terms

Do you know how payment terms affect your creator business? Did you know that creator terms are highly negotiable? Do you know there are penalties you can assign for late payment? We cover how to make payment terms work for your creator business in today's post.
1 Min Read

Introducing Terrible Terms

Introducing a new social series called Terrible Terms. Join us on IG & TikTok to talk about terrible creator contracts. Get yours featured by submitting with the link in this post.