how it works

You're probably wondering...

how our calculator works and we're so glad you asked.

Unlike other tools out there built from fairy dust and personal "best practices", we set off to truly find out what the market is paying for influencer campaigns across the entire US.

We have 1,000's of submissions of real creator data powering our sponsored post calculator so we feel *pretty* confident that we can help you find the perfect price for every post.

Here's how the calculator works:


Creators add data to our database

We're a community based tool and we love submissions from our users to power the calculator's engine. The more data we have, the better we get at predicting pay for creators. Enter your data here (and we'll give you a week free once we validate it).


We validate every data entry

We are thorough AF and we review every single piece of data that comes into our database because we want to make sure you're pay is accurate AF.

If we find a mistake or something missing, we email you, the submitter, about fixing it. If you don't respond to our email, we delete your entry from our database.

If you've entered information that is clearly fraudulent to get access, you will be given a strike. After 3 strikes, you'll be kicked out of our platform for good. Read about our 3-strike policy here.


Refreshing the Calculator

Because our calculator is a living tool, we update it every month on the 15th with the new data that was submitted AND to reflect the current time period were in.

If we've learned anything in the 8 years of creating (and what we've seen in the dataset) it's that campaigns in March aren't worth the same as campaigns in November.


You Price Your Work

Just login, price your work, tell the brand to #payme and feel confident knowing that you're getting a fair deal for the job.


You become your own agent

Use our brand contact Rolodex to find paying brand contacts, use your best pitch to get on their radar (or use our pitch templates) and price your job with the help of our calculator.


Create with confidence

Our mission: for you to never question your worth as long as you create. You'll be a deal slinging pro by the time we're done with you.