Get Free Access to Our Sponsored Post Calculator in January

January 16, 2023
1 min

What do creators charge in 2023 for sponsored posts? We'll because you've found this blog post, you're one step closer to finding out. See we could post a list of ranges of what we *think* creators have charged over the last year due to follower count, but we at Hashtag Pay Me found out that it's immensely more complex than that because brands pay differently based off of other value factors like your skillset, your experience, and yes, even the size of the brand matters when pricing your work.

So, because we want to start y'all off on the right foot this year, we're making our sponsored post calculator completely free for the month of January! 🎉 Previously only our base rate calculator was free, but now we're opening up the pricing power that fuels our platform.

Just some fun stats, our base rate members on average earn $300 per post, whereas those who use our sponsored post calculator earn $825 per post. In fact, our members last year priced $800k in PAID brand deals for 2022.

What and how do you get access? 

1) Fill out this form right here

2) Once finished, we send you the secret portal to get access (check your promotions folder if it doesn't come in within 30 minutes- it'll be coming from 

3) You price your posts

4) Send the rate to the brand

5) Never question your worth as long as you create

How much will you price with our calculator in 2023? We want you to join to find out! 

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